Artist, Music
and Tech Strategist

Love Hy Robot

Google Women Tech Makers LA Summit 2018

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I am passionate about discovering emerging technology trends and applying them to specific industries.

I deeply care about creative industries and fair trade.

I live with my husband Tyler and my 2 Beagles, Cupertino,Leonardo and Carmen.

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A new echosystem for the music industry
I can help with
Music & Tech

  • Touring and digital career strategy & Tech and cross-platform Blockchain, NFT, eCommerce and Marketing implementation
  • Music Metadata Optimization
Smart Entrepreneurship

  • Design Thinking, Quality Assurance, Quality Control Strategies
  • Incorporation, SaaS, SDLC, funding

Smart Entrepreneurship

Music Metadata Optimization

A New Ecosystem for the music industry, (TEDx) Xxtended

Impact of AI in creative industries


Going On Tour: Making money on the road